Brewster Hjorth Website

The Brewster Hjorth Architects website was designed and built with the objective of showcasing their suite of work in a vessel that is sleek, easy to use and most importantly, as fast loading as possible. Teaming up with Sorry Company, meant that this was all possible.

Utilising and expanding on the companies existing brand identity, the site design allows for large images and clean information organisation. Information for stakeholders is easily found and their impressive body of work is accessed through various user journeys.

Additionally, with the help of Cartisan, a custom map was produced using open source live data, creating a unique interpretation of the traditional contact page.

Using open source data, a custom styled map inclusive of live data and animation was created for the contact page

Portfolio pages are easy to use in both the front and back end of the site, with templated fields to showcase all the relevant information

Website includes an overarching project index, helping to the user to navigate to a desired project at any point

A slider of team members directs to profile pages