LJMA Website

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A portfolio website for artist Luke John Matthew Arnold that is as fun as his work is.

The website was designed and built to have a strong focus on user interaction with the artists' work. Features include a daily mantra, icons that the user can hover over for different reactions as well as a full portfolio website.

As well as design and development, the project included motion graphics, creating a font from Luke's custom lettering and some very painstaking responsive screen size solutions.

"I struggle to give people creative lead and license when it comes to my stuff, let alone creating an online world that’s been inside my head for a long time BUT I bloody did it and magic was made. Vanessa is a legend who picked up what I was putting down and turned it into digital, coded, gold. I said “what about this?” And Vanessa said “what about THIS?” Imagine I was pointing to a horse and Vanessa presented a unicorn. You get me. It was a joyous journey and I cannot recommend Vanessa enough. Thank you my love, you’re a bloody legend!"

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Desktop view of Luke John Matthew Arnold website